Animal Training & Pet Services

Private In-Home Training
Available in Okotoks, Calgary and surrounding area

Initial Session
90 Minutes - $130.00

Our Private In-Home Sessions are perfect for your new puppy or to help guide you with your adult dog. Becky can help coach you through puppy training and socialization, basic obedience and behaviour concerns (pulling on leash, doorbell excitement, jumping up etc.), dog enrichment and clicker training. At the Initial Session we will review your goals and concerns, assess your dog and start coaching you through a few preliminary exercises. We use Force Free, Positive Reinforcement techniques. Training and behaviour services are also available for other animals. Please contact us for more details.

Follow-up Sessions

60 Minutes - $75.00
After your initial Session, we are prepared to work with you one-on-one to support your training plan and to help you reach your goals. Behaviour changes can take some time and we're happy to help you through this process.

Becky Johnson DCBC

An avid animal lover. Becky has always had a passion for animals. At a very early age she understood that she wanted to work with animals for a living. As a young adult she volunteered for a farm animal rescue, horse rescue, worked at a veterinary clinic as a vet assitant, and had various roles in the pet retail industry. In 2013 She visualized her lifelong dream by opening Walk N Roll Over. Since then she has expanded her services to include animal training and behaviour consulting. She has a love for dogs and quite enjoys teaching group classes as well as offering private training. In her spare time she volunteers for animal shelters working with fearful and reactive dogs.

She lives with her dog Shadow, a husky heeler mix.

May 2019 - Resource Guarding - Michael Shikashio - Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

April 2019 - IAABC Live Conference - Multi Species Track, Equine Track, Feline Track

Ericha Feuerbacher - Complexity in the Quadrants: Advanced Behavioral Principles and How to Use Them to Enhance Your training

Lore Haug - Equine Repetitive Behaviors: Neurology and Current Research

Chris Pachel - Adolescent Felines and How to Survive Them

February 2019 - Dogma Certified Behaviour Consultant - Dogma Behaviour & Education Centre

The DCBC program is a comprehensive dog training apprenticeship that included over 400 hours of theory, hands-on observation, class assistance and additional study. Topics included canine communication, learning theory, positive training methods, fear & anxiety, reactivity & aggression, behaviour modification, Pet First Aid and more.

January 2019 - Stranger Danger - Michael Shikashio - Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

August 2018 - Dog Trainer Foundations - Karen Pryor Academy

A comprehensive 6 week course in the basics of dog training, learning theory, practical application and problem solving. Positive reinforcement based training.

August 2018 - Why Force Free? - Alberta Force Free Alliance

Became a member of the Alberta Force Free Alliance

June 2018 - Became a Member - Pet Professional Guild

October 2017 - Pet First Aid - Walks 'N' Wags Pet First Aid

Completed a full day intensive course on Pet First Aid. Expiry October 2020.

September 2017 - Understanding Reactivity - Cindy Peacock CPDT-KA

September 2017 - Canine Communication - Cindy Peacock CPDT-KA

September 2017 - Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship - Emily Larlham CPDT-KA

Winter 2016 - Equine Behaviour - Guelph University Open Learning

An in-depth course on Equine Behaviour, course topics include equine perception, learning, social hierarchies and play, communication and body care, training/handling and unwelcome behaviours (stereotypes). Completed a training plan in relation to the Karen Pryor Academy by using a clicker to train a horse to perform a trick.

March 2014 - Equine Nutrition -  The University of Edinburgh - Coursera

Completed a 5 week online course on Equine Nutrition

March 2014 - Equine Emergency First Aid -  Equi-Health Canada

June 2013 - Became a Member - Pet Sitters International

June 2012 - Living and Learning with Animals seminar - Dr. Susan Friedman

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