Animal Training & Pet Services

Pet Services & Daily Care Services

Available Monday to Friday in Okotoks

*Select times available in East Calgary, please contact us for more information*

Morning (8am-10am), Noon (10am-2pm), Afternoon (2pm-5pm)

*Services are done in time windows, actual service time may vary

Walk N' Train Sessions
30 minutes - $35.00
60 minutes - $45.00

Walk N' Train sessions are 30-60 minute private walks which include force free, positive reinforcement based dog training. These are a great supplement to those that need a refresher on their basic obedience skills or dogs that struggle with: self-control, door manners, nervousness, eating waste/garbage on walks, pulling on leash, jumping and reactivity.

Potty Break Visit

20 minutes - $20.00

20 minute visit for a quick pee break or play around the yard. Great for puppies and senior dogs to get out during the work day. 

Private Dog Walking 

30 minutes - $25.00

60 minutes - $35.00

Regular on leash community walks help your dog release pent-up energy, allow for daytime socialization with others and encourage exercise and well-being. We use positive reinforcement methods to encourage the best walking behaviour from your pup and encourage loose leash walking. *Limit of two dogs per Private Dog Walk (no additional fee for the second dog)

Pet Sitting Services
Available Sunday to Saturday in Okotoks & East Calgary

Morning (6am-10am), Noon (10am-2pm), Afternoon (2pm-6pm)

*Services are done in time windows, actual service time may vary

We offer our services to many types of animals including dogs, cats, horses, birds, reptiles and more.

Live-in Pet Sitting & House Sitting
Live-in sitting is booked per calendar day

***Walk N Roll Over is not accepting new live-in sitting clients at this time***

***If you're interested in being on a waiting list please send us an e-mail***
The Pet Sitter will stay in your home overnight and check in on your pets during the day. Your pets don't have to worry about transport to/from a kennel and the daily routine will be similar. We help maintain an "at home" look by picking up flyers/newspaper, rotating window blinds and lights in house etc. Your pet will have fresh food and water, daily walking, litter box maintenance and tender loving care while you are away.

Quick Check
Up to 15 minutes - $15.00

Useful for those needing a quick daily check on their small animals including birds/reptiles/rodents or large animals such as horses/livestock. Feeding, watering, cleaning dishes, cleaning cages and providing tlc. Please refer to Pet Visits if there are dogs or cats in the home.

Pet Visits
30 minutes - $25.00
60 minutes - $35.00

One on one personalized attention for your pet(s), including play time and cuddles. This also includes feeding, watering, cleaning pet messes, letting outside, and maintaining an at-home look (watering plants, rotating blinds, bringing in newspapers etc.)

Cat Sitting - Daily Visits
Available Sunday to Saturday

Pet Visits
30 minutes - $25.00
60 minutes - $35.00

Daily one on one personalized attention for your cat(s), including play time with a kitty wand or catnip toy and cuddles. Or if you have an anxious kitty, some quiet time with a calming person in the room. This also includes feeding, watering, cleaning the litter box and tlc.

Service Area

Our main service area is Okotoks.

*Now Serving Select Communities of East Calgary: Radisson Heights, Albert Park, Dover, Erin Woods, Mayland Heights etc. Please Contact us for more information on Calgary service areas.*

We are open to helping as many households as we can. If you live outside the service area, please contact us. Depending on location a mileage fee may apply. 

​Complimentary Consultation for Pet Sitting & Dog Walking Services
Please set-up a complimentary consultation with us at least a week before you require Dog Walking or Pet Sitting services. 
We meet with you and your pets, fill out any forms required and answer any questions you may have prior to starting services. 

*Please note there is a fee for the initial session of Private in home training. If there are questions on training or behaviour at the complimentary consultation an Initial training session may be recommended.*

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