Cat Sitting - Daily Visits

Pet Visits

30 minutes - $25.00

60 minutes - $35.00

One on one personalized attention for your cat(s), including play time with a kitty wand or catnip toy and cuddles. Or if you have an anxious kitty, some quiet time with a calming person in the room. This also includes feeding, watering, cleaning the litter box and tlc.

Why Daily Visits for Cats?

- Clean Litter Box. If a litter box is tipped over, full of waste, or the door to the litter box room is closed. It could lead to accidental messes around the house or unwanted kitty behavior such as digging in flower pots. It can be quite troublesome cleaning the messes and can cause unnecessary stress for your cats. 

- Cat Safety. While cats can be quite swift, we have heard of cats injuring themselves jumping off the top pf cupboards, closing themselves in rooms and getting stuck behind appliances. A daily visit helps to shorten the time alone so that if kitty is trapped in an unsafe area, they can be helped out of it sooner.

- Fresh Water/Food. Making sure adequate water and food are available. We have known cats that can devour many meals in one sitting and be left with next to no food later. Canned food also quickly drys if not eaten quickly.

- Love & Attention. Most importantly they'll receive petting time, lap time, brush time or playtime daily!

- Multiple visits a day are also available.

Complimentary Consultation
Please set-up a complimentary consultation with us at least a week before you require services
We meet with you and your pets, fill out any forms required and answer any questions you may have prior to starting services. 

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